EILE 2017


On the second edition of EILE, we decided to make the students closer to the problems faced by the city, in order to find more viable and compatible solutions. To do so, partnerships with the Santos' and São Carlos' city halls, which brought us current issues in their cities, were set.

At the beggining of the week, the students took part in a design thinking and problem-solving workshop, so that they would be prepared to elaborate ideal solutions during the week. They also attended presentations from the city halls, which stimulated the students to find solutio

During the week, specialists in innumerous fields, such as solid waste, energy, transportation, Big Data and urbanism, not only gave lectures, but also talked to many groups, helping them to elaborate their solutions.

After the activies week and the development months, the evaluation comission chose as the winner a project in the health sector. After being implemented in Santos, it will allow the ambulances to take more efficient ways to the hospitals, taking into consideration the traffic and the waiting lines, reducing the risk of death during the rescue.