EILE 2018

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EILE is a Grêmio Politécnico’s Project that was established in 2016 and has the objective of stimulating the development of smart and innovative solutions to problems faced by brazilian cities by the congregation of brilliant students from all over the world. In order to make it possible, graduate and undergraduate students spend a week in Santos campus of Escola Politécnica. At 2018, EILE firmed partnerships with the city halls of Santos, in order to align the projects developed by the students with the city’s needs.

The Project is divided in 3 stages

At the first one, the students spend a week at Santos, at the petroleum engineering campus. The participants are allocated at a hotel, creating an stimulating environment. They watch lectures and workshops about the event main theme, Smart Cities. During the week, the participants are divided in 8 groups of brazilians and foreigners. The groups relize lots of meetings to discuss the topics presented at the lectures, looking forward to choose an urban problem to develop a solution.

After that, from september to december, the groups realize several ressearches and develop a soluton to the problem they chose to face. In that stage, the groups count with the support of University of São Paulo Professors.

By the end of those 3 months, the groups presents the final reports, which are submitted to na assessment committee that selects the best of them, using Innovation, implementation viability and impact at Society as criteria. The best Project is awarded and receives a financial support to keep developing the Project between march and august.